Hebrew Club


"You'll be too busy singing, doing, touching, playing and creating to realise you are even learning

Our Goals:

  • Kids must enjoy coming.
  • Children should feel pride in their heritage.
  • Club members will gain a wealth of knowledge
    about Jewish holidays, history and basic Hebrew
    skills, all without the pressure of books, tests and traditional classroom setting.

It is our belief that hands on activities, stories, discussion and educational games should be the core of program, along with contests, songs and trips that bring Jewish lessons and values
to life.

Our unique Hebrew Club with no membership required, has a wonderful mixture of families from Reform, Conservative and unaffiliated, as well as intermarried families- all kinds of Jews united with one goal- a good Sunday/Hebrew school for their children.

We are now accepting students from Kindergarten, through Bar/Bat Mitzvah.


Hebrew Reading

Using the innovative “Aleph Champ” Hebrew reading program, each child will learn to read at his or her own pace. Modeled after the Karate/Martial Arts motivational system, dividing each level and reading skill into different colors, your child will be self motivated and enthused to achieve the next rank. 

Torah Tools: To Build a Better World

Using quality interactive games and activities, we will continue were we left off last year, exploring 12 essential Torah Tools to shape character development.

Club Activities

Through engaging, minds-on, hands-on, souls-on lessons, we’ll explore Jewish essentials, from Shabbat, holidays, the Land of Israel, and Mitzvot. Each lessons will come to life through, activities,
discussions, projects and games. 


 As each Jewish holiday approaches, your child will learn the ‘what, when and how’ that will make that holiday all the more meaningful, personal and enjoyable. 

Jewish Song

The kids will become familiar with popular Jewish songs and medlies, as well as becoming more comfortable with singing along to traditional prayers. 

Chessed-Social Action

Hebrew Club families will participate in GIFT projects, Experiencing sharing and giving, first hand, recognizing they can make a difference in another person's life. 

Dates & Rates

Starting October 27, 2019

Classes will be held every Sunday (other than during school breaks/vacations or if otherwise noted).
Click Here for the full calendar.
We are closed on any days that are not listed as "Hebrew Club".

​10:30 AM -12:00 PM at the Chabad Jewish Center.

Annual tuition is $ 395.

Payment plans and Scholarships are available.