Lifecycle Events


From Birth to After-Life - and everything in between - you are welcome to contact Chabad to assist you in celebrating, observing or officiating your lifecycle event.

​Integral to the Chabad philosophy is the message that each and every Jew be afforded the opportunity to partake in their Jewish heritage.

Call or Email The Rabbi: 360.326.5922, [email protected]

Circumsion/Naming Ceremony

Our center extends a welcome to any Jewish child (or adult) to have a bris/circumcision ceremony or Jewish naming ceremony. To learn more about a Bris click here, To learn more about the Jewish Name click here.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Chabad offers individual tutoring enabling boys and girls to adequately prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Contact us to discuss celebrating your child's milestone at the Chabad Jewish Center. 

To learn all about Bar Mitzvah click here.

For a Bat Mitzvah click here.


You take care of the catering, photography and bridesmaids, and we'll help you with the spiritual preparation and officiating process. 

​To learn all about a Jewish Wedding click here.

Funeral & Burial

The Rabbi works alongside the Jewish burial society and funeral home to assist with the needs of the moment. Contact us for assistance with advanced arrangements and Jewish cemetery plots. 

For a a comprehensive resource treating the sensitive topic of Loss and Mourning, please click here.