Soup, Salad & Soul

6 Thursdays, January - June | $54 for the year or $12 for an evening

The Jewish Secrets to Feeling Good However You Feel

We'd all love to feel consistently happy, self-assured, and enthusiastic. Yet often we’re consumed by feelings of failure, regret, and self-doubt. Do our delicate positive emotions have a fighting chance at being in control? Using the book of Tanya as our base, this year's course will delve deep into the nature of our opposing emotions to find out. 

Through Torah teachings and contemporary psychology, we'll take a fresh approach to the battle against bad feelings, providing realistic spiritual mechanisms for remaining upbeat no matter what life brings. 

Lesson 4: Living Joyfully Thursday, May 21st @ 7:45 PM

Finding Happiness and Fulfillment

Things are fine- you've got what you need in health, finances, and relationships. But is "feeling fine" the same as feeling truly, energetically happy? By looking at common patterns in chasing inner contentment, Lesson 4 helps us pave a new path to more dependably enthusiastic living.

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